Antena View APK 7.7: Free Modifier App for Garena Free Fire

Antena View Apk is a free advanced modifier app developed for the Garena Free Fire battle game.

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Further, it has the ability to provide you with an edge over other Free Fire players. 

What is Antena View APK?

The popularity of the free fire battle game has increased rapidly in recent years thanks to the cheaper Smartphone and the high-speed internet facility. 

Some of the other similar Battle Royales android games are Fortnite and PUBG.

They also have gained massive popularity along with the Garena Free Fire.

As the name suggests, Antena View APK customizes the player’s viewpoint during the game, providing them with a clear antenna over the head of the enemy. 

As a result, you can simply position your target on your enemies.

Further, this significant change in the viewpoint gives you the power to locate the enemies from a distance. 

In addition to that, the latest version of the Antena View Free Fire modifier tool (2022) allows you to identify your team members and enemies separately.

You can change your course after locating your enemies and plan your attack before your enemies even know that you are coming. 

You might have heard about the Garena FF battle game, and it is very popular among the video game lovers. 

With thousands of registered members all over the world, the game has managed to entertain gaming communities.

Therefore, It is known as the most challenging battle game in the world. 

Generally, It takes users time to understand the realm of the game and reach the pro level.

However, the New Antena View apk challenges this problem by offering the new user a handy tool giving them access to Antena view on the enemies. 

It is kind of a game hacking tool works smoothly on all android system. 

Popular Aspects of Antena View App

Antena View apk comes with a wide range of features.

It is the most popular Android gaming application design for free fire games. 

Once active, you can locate your enemies from a distance.

Some might doubt its ability to detect, but Antena view headshot apk is real and available for free download. 

The only way to test the Application is to download on your Smartphone or any other android device and install it as you do for a standard apk file. 

The developer of the Antena View APK has made the application open source.

Meaning anyone can download and start using it without any restriction or paying for the services. 

Activate the Application on your mobile device and move ahead to become a pro in your favourite Free Fire game.

More importantly, there is an anti-ban function that always takes relevant measure to protect your account.

Android Package Information

Application NameAntena View APK
File Size7.94 Mb
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above

Download Antena View APK


How to Download and Install the Antena view?

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Downloading the Antena view app is relatively easy. You have to get the APK File from this website on your device. 

Your android device will ask for permission to download the file from the unknown source.

So Grant the permission, and it will get downloaded on your device. 

How to Download and Install Antena View APK for Android?


First, enable the unknown sources of installation settings on your phone. 

security tab
enabling unknown sources settings to install antena view apk


Next, go to the download manager and click on the apk file of the App.


After the click, the Application will get installed, and it will create the Antena View apk icon on your home screen.


Open the Application and choose one of the app features, such as Antena Head, Antena Hand, or Map Purgatory (HD).

antena view apk home screen


In the end, click on the “Start” button and login to your favourite game with the user name and password.


That’s it. Now you are into the game with the added new feature of the Antena View app. You can locate your enemies with more details.

How to Download and Install Antena View APK for PC and Mac

In order to get any of the Android Application in your PC or Mac, you have to have an android emulator installed on your device.


Install an android emulator like Bluestacks

bluestacks home


Browse the Antena View APK file to the emulator.

apk browsing section


Then, Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the app installation.

Antena View App for IOS

Antena View App cannot be installed on ios devices because it is not available on the Apple app store.

However, complicated procedures like Jailbreak may let you use the app on Ios devices like iPhones and IPads.

Why is Antena view APK one of the best Modifier Tool For Fire game?

Antena view apk is a highly rated application on the web in the gaming community.

It is a tried and tested formula available for hardcore gamers. 

The best thing about the Antena view app is it gives you additional support to locate your enemies, giving you more time to plan your move. 

Your enemy will not be able to detect you from a distance, but you will have all the information about their movement on the screen. 

If you want to reach the pro gaming level quickly, then Antena view is the solution.

Moreover, the Antena View apk is available for free to download. Anyone can download and install it on their Smartphone and start using it. 

It is regularly upgraded whenever there is a change in the game, making it a reliable application. 

You will never encounter any error or drop in the game while using it. It accurately detects the enemies and gives you real-time results.

Antena view APK Features (Review):

 is known as one of the best game hacking Applications with stable development.

The Application gives you an advantage over the competitor, making them visible from a distance.

You do not need to clone this app in the virtual.

The new updates are released frequently, and the ap[plication will get updated automatically, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.

Antena View APK will increase your kill rate and move closer to the pro-gamer level to unlock new and exciting game features.

The multiple login options allow you to log in with different user IDs without needing to change the device.

Simple to understand user interface makes the operation super easy.

You can download the Antena ViewApp from this website for free.

You are given dual options to install the app with rooted and non-rooted devices.

Downsides of the Antena View App

Many users use the Antena View application and it has become one of the most popular position locator tool among many Free Fire gamers.

As a result, there could be situations where overloaded users using the app.

It is a modifier app offering advanced features to the gamer. So there may be people who do not like to use this app as it gives an added advantage.

Antena View also needs a regular update to comply with the new changes in the game. 

The developer of the Antena View apk tries to match the speed and releases the new versions quickly.

It may get delayed in some cases, so you need to wait until the latest compatible version gets out. 

Without the new version of the Antena View, you may not be able to use the features as the game developer might restrict it.

Due to its popularity, many of the gamers might be using the Application already.

So there will be a situation where your enemies are also using the Antena View apk, and they know your position as you do their making it difficult to kill them.

Please contact us for any clarification regarding this app

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any possibility for Free Fire account getting banned due to Antena View App?

It is possible but you can avoid it by using an VPN while you play the game

Does Antena View Support on Virtual Chinese?

Yes, It supports for Virtual Chinese

Is Antena View Apk Safe?

The apk file is 100% safe to download and install. we have verified it with Virustotal website

Is Antena View App Free?

Yes the application is totally free to download and use

Is Antena View Apk Ad-free?

No, There are some 3rd party ads running on the app but they are not disturbing

Can I get Antenna view for PUBG Lite?

There is a similar tool call FPP that you can use it in P